An review: is it worth your time and money?

Read this review of, where you can meet horny, sexy women online. Compared to all the top adult dating sites I've reviewed, this website is the most professional and user-friendly out of all of them. Sign up for a free membership and have a look around, but don't miss the incredible benefits that go with a paid membership.

ULust belongs to a new generation of adult personals. It's organized, efficient and makes sure you get your hands on a sweet selection of local bimbos, ASAP. Being a cheap son of a bitch, I usually don't spend more than I absolutely have to, but I just couldn't resist getting a Gold membership so I could video sex chat and send text messages to all the horny chicks' cellphones. They offered me wet pussy online, what could I do?

Get Some Tail on and Don't Overpay

This site offers several types of memberships and discounts and I'm not gonna list all of them here for your lazy asses - check them out for yourselves, if you feel like it. I will, however, tell you about the Gold membership which includes video chat and cell phone texting and therefore the one I recommend you buy. A 3-day trial preview is 2.97 per day, but it has certain restrictions and is, in my humble opinion, somewhat of a pain in the ass. The cost for 1 month is 29.95 and if your cock can plan ahead, a 3-month membership is only 69.90 and - wait for it - you get 3 months of membership, on the house. For those dumbasses out there who can't do the math, this means 11.65 per month only. That's a sweet deal by all accounts. For 2015, they have another great new deal: a Gold Membership for one year and no rebills for only 28.95. For those who failed math, that's only : 8 cents a day. Kinky Swingers Contacts and British sex contacts are always here to welcome you. Give it a shot!

Take advantage of the 3 Free Month Bonus

Usually I don't recommend that you commit to 6 months in advance. Long term commitments are certainly not my thing, and since you are reading a review for an adult dating site named U Lust, I am betting that you share this perspective. However, since the difference in cost in this case is so significant I say: fuck it, commit and commit big time. You'll be paying a lot less and getting more in the long run. Plus, it's not as though you will feel like quitting pussy hunting in 3 months' time, right? This way you know you'll get a 6-month supply of no strings attached sex dates and an unlimited resource of busty fuck buddies.


Don't come Looking for Friendship - These Ladies are Out to Score

What makes me really like ULust is that it doesn't beat around the bush. The sexy women you find online are all looking to fuck. The chicks you see online are all real amateurs so there's a large variety of sizes and colors – bored housewives, busty black babes, hot plump blondes and many more. The video chat option made me especially happy. It seems the ladies just can't keep their clothes on (and they weren't wearing all that much to begin with). I won't tell you it was better than the actual fucking, but it's one bit of foreplay you won't easily forget.

There are tons of chicks online at any hour of the day or night. The reason I know this is because I was there for practically 24 hours straight – hey, sorting out all those wet pussies and asses isn't an easy job, but you all know I'm one committed fucker. So, if you're sitting horny at home right now and reading my nonsense, quit it. There are plenty of hot chicks on and their tight pussies are eager for some hardcore fucking.

ULust Has a Lot to Lust Over

We all know that nowadays an adult dating site is nothing if it only offers matchmaking services. offers porn movies, member forums, sexting, live sex chat rooms and just about anything else that pops into your mind. You can use the site to get a hot date, learn how to flirt, have cybersex or just to watch porn and whatever you're looking for, you won't be disappointed. There's even a "Get Action" guarantee for Gold Members! Keep in mind that this is really more of an adult site than a real dating service, so don't be surprised when next to the sexy, single women you will also see some professional models and even occasional pornstars. This is not a complaint, of course. You can sign me up to chat with a pro female pornstar any day.

For the Slow Readers

  • Price: 11.65-29.95 per month
  • Is There Free Membership: Yes.
  • Quality of Features: Very good, once you upgrade.
  • Are There Live Sex Chat Rooms? Yes.
  • Navigation: As easy as it gets.