Read the Review and See if This Adult Dating Site is Worthwhile

Go through a detailed by concise review and you'll get all the information you need. I have spent quite awhile online trying to figure out if this site deserves to appear on my top site list, and considering that it's here, you can probably guess that I was pretty happy with what I saw. I am not just going to give you a general opinion - this is not why I do my research for. I will list costs and membership options and leave it up to you to figure out if this site is a keeper or mot. Are you ready to find out what this adult dating site has to offer, and how much you'll need to pay? Good - here we go.

Paying the Price on

I know some review writers babble away just to offer you their personal opinion about each and every site - as if you know them and give a fuck about what they say. Well, good ole Tony isn't going to waste your time. The first stage of my review is actual membership options and exact prices. Is there a free membership? Yes there is. Will it be useful? No it won't. As is commonly the case on sexy dating services, the free membership is just a tool that allows you to look around and see what the fuss is about - but looking isn't buying of course. The upgrade on Flirt is called Gold and 1 month of it will cost you exactly $31.50. I never get sites that have that extra 50 cents, but hey - maybe if you add all those 2 quarters up you get a shitloads of cash.

If the monthly membership fee sounds a bit pricey for you, you are completely right. Over 40 bucks per month is a lot to pay for an online dating service, but luckily for you, I've got a better deal in store. Signing up for a full year on costs $8.80 per month, which is less than a third of the 1 month fee. I am not such a math expert but it looks to me like this is the best deal on the table. Take it or leave it - it's up to you.

Flirting is Not the Only Fun Activity on This Adult Dating Site

Truth to be told, I was a bit concerned about writing this review, because I heard that this huge matchmaking service is more of a mainstream dating site than a hookup platform. I was finally persuaded to give this community a try because I just couldn't resist the demands from its eager followers and the impressive number of sexy, active members. The site is equipped with all the tools you need to communicate with women all throughout the world. It is important to note that this is not a purely adult dating community, but more of a mainstream dating site with plenty of potential hookups. The women here are very often in the mood to get naughty and if you know how to take advantage of opportunities, you will find plenty of options to choose from.

How does Ranks on a Technical Level?

Flirt is not the most innovative site you'll ever get to use, but all the tools you need to flirt, tease and communicate are available and work just great. There are live video chat rooms which you all know I love and user-friendly PMs and wait for it: Women get to message guys for free, which clearly upgrades your chances of having hot babes contacting you online. All in all I reckon that most of my readers will enjoy the options they see on Flirt, and the only thing that is a bit outdated is the not so advanced search tool.

For the Slow Readers

  • Price: 8.80-31.50 per month
  • Is There Free Membership: Yes, but it's fairly useless.
  • Quality of Features: Nothing to write home about.
  • Are There Live Sex Chat Rooms? Yes.
  • Navigation: Couldn't get easier.