A Fling.com review: is it worth your time and money?

Fling.com has a really promising name and I was itching all over to see if it manages to live up to it. Well, generally speaking this is a pretty good adult dating site, assuming that you are looking for hot casual sex with single women – or cheating wives. If you are looking for the two horrifying Rs – Romance or, heaven forbids – Relationships, you ought to be looking elsewhere, because on Fling it's all about instant action and no strings attached sex. Sure, you can fuck the same babe more than once, just don't send her flowers, 'cause her husband might not like it.

The Fling.com prices aren't bad and some of the features are exclusive, but if you really want to get the drilldown, you are going to have to read the full sex dating site review. Yep, I know you're not big on reading, but take it as a good opportunity to practice.

Fling.com Presents Some Cool Sex Dating Features

Personally, I am not all that much into advanced adult dating features, because I am not what you would call a techie, and I get dumbfounded when I need to download anything complex. That being said, I make sure that when I write my free adult dating reviews, I always look into available features and I was delighted to see that on Fling.com they were all fun and straightforward.

The Blackbook feature is basically a fancy name for a favorite list or a friends list. You can also use the Safe Search Mode, to disable explicit pictures and videos from appearing on your screen, which is especially useful if you're browsing from the office or a coffee shop, although I say: fuck it, let everyone see that I'm getting laid and eat your hearts out, fuckers. The video chat rooms are as sexy as always, and just in case you're really new to the adult matching universe, video chat usually means sex chat, as long as you play your cards right. Last but not least, I would like to mention "Hotness" indicators which are basically icons which indicate how much a member uses the site, which is a good indication of how slutty they are and how active their profile is.

Additionally, there are loads of profile setting options and interactive tools, but if you are clueless enough not to understand these, go visit Fling.com and see for yourself.

The Fling.com Prices Won't Send You to Bankruptcy

Now look here, I'm not saying that Fling.com is a completely free adult dating site. There is a limited free lifetime membership, but as you can probably guess on your own, if you've paid any attention to what I've been saying on my other sex dating site reviews (I'm telling ya, sometimes I feel like a fucking parrot), free membership is mostly a waste of time. Why? Because you can and should use it to check out potential local sex dates if you feel unsure. Of course, I am here to save you this annoying research, but if you don't believe what I'm telling you, fuck you very much and enjoy the extra work.

Anyway, a month of Silver membership on Fling.com costs around 24.95, but as expected, signing up for 12 months in advanced is like 8.33, which is nearly a third of the price, so try and be smart shoppers. It's not like you're gonna get tired of fucking strange women or having one night stands with horny housewives while their cuckold husbands are on a business trip (or more likely: banging the secretary). There is a 3-day trial period for the Silver Membership option for only $4.95. Gold memberships can be as low as $9.99, if you commit to 18 months.

Think Fast of Pay Big

I'm going to conclude this review with a final warning: The prices listed on this page are correct for a limited time only! If you keep waiting around with your thumb up your ass and your cock in your hand (the other one that is), the limited offers will go away and you'll end up paying more likely than not. Be quick on your feet, or else you'll miss the promotion and end up paying more.

The Fling.com Conclusion: A Descent Adult Dating Choice

To conclude this review: Fling.com is a great adult dating site for any guy looking for flings or causal relationships. From what I noticed, the only major flaw of this XXX date site is the fact that the men to women ratio is not all that amazing, and this is a common trait on free sex dating websites. Personally, I didn't find it hard to score with this friendly, nice looking site and I think that most of you assholes will certainly enjoy it.