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Find hot action and plenty of sexy babes on FindANewLover. This online community is one of the wildest and hottest sex dating sites I ever visited. The hot women I met there - fuck, I've never seen chicks that were that eager to get naked and fuck. Read my XXX review and then go see for yourself.

At first I admit I found the name of the website somewhat concerning. Whenever I hear the L word, I get shudders down my spine. Can you blame me? But gladly, the Love in, only seems to be used to get more horny babes to sign up. And those chicks aren't looking for dates any more than I do. All the women I found there wanted to get naughty and naked and were extremely eager to get a deep visit from a hard cock. In comparison to most other sex dating sites I've been to, you can get more "No Strings Action" here than your lengthy lustful loin can keep up with.


Paying for Action at

For a fair price this user friendly site will make sure you'll find plenty of sticky, cum-soaked action - 24/7 live. To tell you the truth - the women you get for this price are worth double not to say triple this amount. But of course, for a cheap SOB like myself the best part is the FREE Sign-up. Yea, I like free things, so? Fucking sue me. Bottom line is, when you can get some ass for such low prices, life do look a hell of a lot better.

3 day trial membership will cost you only 7.95, but I always recommend against these short term memberships. You usually forget to cancel them and then just end up paying the higher monthly fee anyways, so you just may as well sign up for a full month and get over with it.

1 month in Find a New Lover is 29.95 and you can save a bundle committing for 3 months (it's not fucking Marriage. It's just the C word. Stop shivering like a bunch of sissies) for 39.99. That's 13.33 per month, which is less than half of the monthly cost, so I say Go for It.

Sex Date Features on FindANewLover

So let's see what we have here - signing up is free, browsing the site is free and the free personals will get you the horny online date you're looking for in no time at all. The navigation couldn't be easier if it tried and neither could the wild women in your area that are gagging for some XXX action now.

You can send and receive messages and even naked pics and vids so you can check the goods before you seal the deal if you know what I mean. But my only criticism of this place is like many sex dating sites, if you don't cancel your membership, you'll be billed again and again whether you use the site for a date search or not.

Finding Horny Chicks Online

Well sex dating don't get much easier than this and that's not an insult. In fact, of all the free sex dating sites you'll find in my reviews, this is the simplest place to find yourself a sex date. All the free personals clearly tell you what the babe you're checking out is looking for, where they are and what they like.

I find that there are normally two types of people in the world: The kind that like naked live chat online and the kind that like to respond to free personals online and to date, marry or to fuck. And this site is for the later. You can read as many reviews as you like, but you won't find easier women than this.

For the Slow Readers

  • Price: 13.33-29.95 per month.
  • Is There Free Membership: Yes.
  • Quality of Features: Reasonable.
  • Are There Live Sex Chat Rooms? Yes.
  • Navigation: Simple, but there's a bit of an overcrowd of links and info.